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Duration of a Game
  The duration of each game will be 60 minutes. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before kick-off so that the game coordinator can assign players into teams and hand out bibs to each player.
Times/venues of Games
  The times and venues at which games are fixtured shall be determined by Soccer Melbourne.

Soccer Melbourne reserves the right to vary/cancel games without notice in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

In the unlikely event of changes to a fixture, participating players will be sent an email and text message informing of any changes in place. If a game is cancelled participating players will have their game token credited back to their account.
  For safety reasons, jewellery is not part of accepted soccer attire and is not to be worn during a game. The wearing of peaked hats or caps in the course of play shall be treated as the wearing of jewellery.

All players must wear rubber soled shoes. Absolutely no studs/ blades/ molded boots allowed on the pitch. Turf shoes are best, if not runners/ gym shoes.
If a player is bleeding he must vacate the pitch immediately and cannot return until the bleeding has stopped.

All players participating in Soccer Melbourne games/ tournaments/ events do so at their own risk.

Soccer Melbourne accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss/ damage/ injury/ accident caused to any player or player's property whilst engaged in any activity organized by Soccer Melbourne whether it be attributed to any venue Soccer Melbourne uses or another player who is a member of Soccer Melbourne.

When registering to play with Soccer Melbourne, the player accepts that there are risks involved with participating in a group sport and the player accepts full responsibility for any loss or injury incurred whilst involved in any game or event organized by Soccer Melbourne.
Unacceptable Language
  Swearing, bad language, racist comments are unacceptable at Soccer Melbourne and offenders will have their membership revoked as a result of engaging in this anti-social behavior.

A player who uses unacceptable language will not be warned, but will be asked to leave the pitch immediately and will not be allowed back on to the pitch for the rest of the game.

The game coordinator will ask spectators (including players not on the pitch) who use unacceptable language and anti-social behaviour to leave the premises.
Game Coordinator

There shall be one game coordinator per match.  The game coordinator is responsible for all events on and surrounding the pitch during the course of a game.
The game coordinator's decision is final in all instances determining the course of the game.

Game coordinators are independent service providers contracted by Soccer Melbourne.  However, Soccer Melbourne expects that game coordinators will not act in a manner contrary to Soccer Melbourne's interests.  When, in the opinion of Soccer Melbourne management acting reasonably, a game coordinator is acting contrary to Soccer Melbourne interest, management may intervene and do all that is necessary to preserve Soccer Melbourne's interest.

If a player abuses or shows dissent towards a game coordinator the offending player will be asked to leave the pitch and will not be allowed back on the pitch for the rest of the game. 

If a player persists in abusive behaviour after being asked to leave the pitch the player will be asked to leave the premises.

Kick Off

The game coordinator will start the game by punting the ball up into the air similar to a drop ball situation.

Area of Play

Players may score goals from anywhere on the pitch. There are no restricted areas.

Goal keepers

There is no assigned/ fixed goalkeeper for Soccer Melbourne games. Players will rotate who plays in goal throughout the course of the game in intervals of approximately 5 minutes.

Slide Tackles

Sliding in order to reach the ball to stop it or to tackle a player increases the risk of player injury, slide tackles are not permitted.  A free kick will be awarded to the opposition.

A goalkeeper however may slide in the defence of the goal.

A goalkeeper’s slide must not be reckless, careless or made in a manner that uses excessive force.

Out of play

When the ball goes out of play a throw in is awarded to the opposing team.  The player taking the throw in must be outside the pitch.  Failure to do so will result in the decision being reversed

No goal can be scored with a throw in from the outside line.


Players discretion and honesty is expected when in relation to fouls and free kicks. These include the following instances

    • Serious foul play
    • Slide tackling of any nature
    • Kicking or charging the goalie
    • Professional foul
    • Deliberate handball
    • Striking
    • Shirt pulling
    • Foul Tackles
    • Pushing
    • Pushing from behind.

If equipment is damaged through vandalism the player responsible shall bear the cost of repair or replacement.


Soccer Melbourne is not affiliated with FIFA or any other group.

No chewing gum is allowed on the pitch.

Strictly no smoking is allowed around the playing area and no glassware.

Persons who have been asked to leave the premises and who do not do so immediately will be treated as trespassers.

A game will not be stopped for a player to do up his or her shoelaces.

Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.

Management has the final decision on any matter connected with the conduct of games/ events organized by Soccer Melbourne.

Any remaining tokens in a members account will not be refunded in the event of the member ceasing to play due to their own personal circumstances changing/personal preference or injury.

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