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q. Does Soccer Melbourne organise ladies social soccer and mixed games?

a. Yes, once you have joined you may enter yourself into either men's, ladies, or mixed weekly games. You can also enter a team into one of the leagues or regular tournaments.

q. is there any limit on the number of games I can play?

a. no, you may enter as many games as you like. The majority of our members play 2 – 3 times per week. As long as you have tokens remaining in your account, you can sign up for a game.

q.  does it matter what position I play as to which places are available for me to enter my shirt icon?

a. no. The shaded spaces do not correspond to positions on the pitch when you actually play, they are just a guide to number of places available in the game. The goalkeeper positions are always shaded out but on the day each player will be expected to take part in their team's keeper rotation every 5 minutes approximately.

q. Do my tokens expire if I don't use them by a certain time?

a. No, your tokens do not expire and we quite understand that people have other commitments in their life which is what makes Soccer Melbourne so unique in that you don't have to commit to a season to play in the social games.


q. what standard are the social games?

a. the men's social games are of a good standard and suit players who played a lot when they were younger but now maybe lack a bit of fitness or have had to concentrate on other things in life as most of us do!

The mixed games are more suitable for guys/girls who would like to exercise whilst having fun and meet new friends while practicing this beautiful game of ours.

The ladies games are for girls who are maybe a bit more competitive and serious about their soccer or just don't want a bunch of guys showing off and exercising their egos while they are enjoying exercising their own creative skills on the soccer pitch.


Please note that we play for the love of the beautiful game and as a team collectively! Greedy and selfish players should go and play by themselves in their backyard!


q. what age do I have to be to play the social games?

a. you need to be at least 18 years of age to play in the weekly social games. The average age is probably mid to late twenties but with plenty of players either side of that age bracket.

Mens 24th 8 aside World Cup 1 day tournament winners
Mens 25th 8 aside World Cup 1 day tournament winners and runners up
Mens Monday and Tuesday 5 aside winners and runners up August 2017
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